.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode III

"Savage beatings & to find a witch"

These beings, after first slowly descending to earth and moving forward towards the three companions, revealed themselves to be three elves, dressed in neutral grey tunics and hose and 6 mail-clad armed men.

The elves then proceeded to accuse the travellers of theft of a certain item from one of their own killed in the earthquake in Shebibi. When, led by Solomon, the party made it plain that they would not oblige the request to return any property a short, brutal combat ensued resulting in Solomon, Corvus and Torlin being rendered unconscious and left for dead.
Luck was on their side however as they awoke a number of days later in a village in the care of a wise woman who had tendered their injuries.
After some days of recuperation following the savage fight beating by the elves and their retainers, the group continued south to Ithli, forced out of the village by the locals who appear to believe the party were diseased and currying an unconscious Torlin, who had a major mishap attempting to learn the secrets of a magic ring he had found in the Kardini’s lair.
Again however their luck proved ill and shortly after being passed on horseback by a badly burnt and scarred half-elf, Sangar who joined the party at this point, they were beset by a number of extremely, large and very aggressive savage birds. This took place on 13th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765.
After another near death extremely brutal fight resulting in both Solomon and Sangar joining Torlin in unconsciousness and the day only just being saved by Corvus, the party after some rest continue to Ithli, and arrive there on the 15th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765. They return without the eyes that Greder asked them to collect however, these rotting and turning putrid some days before.
After a two days of rest at the Red Sunset Inn, the group is approached on the street by a captain of the city guard, Hangar, who seeks the party’s help. Hangar explains that a young woman, in the nearby village of Keda, has been accused of being a witch and the village is in a state of near riot.
Normally Thamazul soldiers would be sent to resolve the situation, but, as with the incursion of Kardini, due to the massive demand for troops needed to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake to the south the authorities do not have the man power.
The four companions agree to assist Hangar and set off that day for the village of Keda, one days walk to the north east of Ithli.



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