.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode V

"A head in a jar & the battle of Tol Marbor"

Later that day deep in the filth and mire of the swamps the group meet first with Mutty, a deranged swamp Arab who then takes them to the hamlet of Karfin, built into the branches and trunk of a massive tree.
In Karfin the group meets Melor Ali, an intimidating and beautiful woman who is the leader of the community and keeps her unfaithful, ex lover’s head in a jar.
Melor Ali welcomes the party to Karfin and asks for their assistance.
They are informed that two days ago Melor Ali’s 16 year old daughter Tee-ha was apparently kidnapped by the smugglers of Tol Marbor. In return for assistance to leave Thamazul and to heal the now extremely sick Ali Kimbra will the party assist in securing Tee-ha’s release?
The group are informed that in the past generally there has been an uneasy but stable truce between the hamlet of Karfin the smugglers but recently with the smugglers being controlled by a new half orc-ish leader things have become more aggressive and now violent.
The group agree and after a day of rest and leaving Ali Kimbra in the care of Melor Ali they set out on 5th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 to assault the smugglers lair accompanied by 6 Marsh Arabs lead by Old Kreebin (aka “the General”).
The assault did not go according to plan with Sangar setting off an ensnarement in the approach to the ruined keep of Tol Marbor and as a result the guards were alerted to the attack.
The following fight is brutal and resulted in the death of nine smugglers, one of the Marsh Arabs, Solomon and Sangar being knocked unconscious and nearly killed due to traps at the entrance to the keep and Corvus with a badly injured arm.
In the end Torlin, by himself stormed the ruined fortress of Tor Marbor, not realising how lucky he was not to be slain by several of the surviving smugglers who elected to abandon their base after their half orc leader was cut in half by Sangar.



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