.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode VI

"Out of Thamazul .... and into more trouble"

In the following looting of Tol Marbor the party not only gained significant riches but are also challenged by an incantation of a “blue guardian lady” but do not find the missing girl, Tee-ha.
After first meeting a rival gang of smugglers lead by Garth who arrived at Tol Marbor, the group then returned to Karfin on 10th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) to discover that sadly Ali Kimbra has succumbed to his injuries and died two days previously.
After several days and with the assistance of firstly the smuggler Garth and then the swamp hermit Durand the party managed to escape the borders of the Empire of Thamazul and arrived into the free city of Lankhmar on 15th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765.
Lankmar proved to be an extremely eventful location for the party. Not only did they meet the scholar Deego Spracket, who was able to translate the Lathbine script at the beginning of the scroll that Solomon is carrying(the foreword by Saccuss of Herminda), but they also managed to capture the magic user Caine the Penultimate who uses fell magic to cause a infant child to rapidly age and die, a horrific event which our hero’s witness.
The forward of the scroll, which was written back in the third age, talks of the catalogue being only one of likely many indexes of the ancient works that made up the “Master of Yelfon”’s Great Library.
The remainder of the scroll however remained a mystery as Deego informed the party that the text appears to be a version of the ancient dead language Acân. Deego also explained that there are several likely locations where a scholar who is able to translate the Acân or the location of a particular individual Acân scholar may be found.
According to Deego these located and people and the likely certainly of getting the documents translated included;

• A medium chance of finding what they sought in the ancient dwarvish city Zarcree, in the Kingdom of Nain a Dam (the desert Dwarves) in south western Cantana
• without doubt a scholar would be found in the great library of El Vanitar, the capital of the Empire of Thamazul who could undertake the task
• Athrandack, the great Roldenic Scholar currently in the library of Moldovia in Northern Tolmides would certainly be able to translatep.
• a likely chance in one of the mighty repository’s of lore in the holy state of Sestos, Roldenic Church lands in northern Nomikosp.
• The Great library of Lysanda may have scholar who is capable
• Mathata, the famed elven scholar in new Bexley, a Thracian colony in Northern Messinina would most likely be able to translate it
• a moderate chance that someone can be found to help in the Achieves of Keth in free city of Tryvern, in the eastern Cantana Sea

The party, after some consideration agreed that options which were deemed the safest and the closest were of which include two nations in the Sea of Canata, to the south east of Lankmar. It was agreed that the party would try for Tryvern first and then attempt to gain entry into the Kingdom of Nain a Dam, the somewhat reclusive and secretive kingdom of the desert Dwarves should Tryvern not prove fruitful.

Several days later, after the capture of Caine the Penultimate for the magical slaying of a Confederation of the San Kush child, on 17th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765, Corvus, Solmon and Sanger elected to visit the Tushan temple to meet a so called “friend” who sent the party an invitation letter.
Torlin, sensing the potential for foul play decided to remain at the inn, The Wise Giant. The invitation turned out to be a trap by mercenaries who are seeking to claim the bounty on the party’s head.
This ambush in the temple resulted in bloodshed and four hires swords were slain by Corvus, Sangar and Solomon, who was particularly delighted to get some excellent backstabbing opportunities over the course of the melee.



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