.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode VII

"Blue eyed devils & lost at sea"

Fortunately through the skills of the lawyer Able Thornton Corvus, Sangar and Solomon are released from prison. The next day 21th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 the party meet Mithan who elects to join the group.
Following an attack on the inn, the Wise Giant, that evening that the party was staying at the group decided to leave Lankhmar the next day on 22nd of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 taking both Mithan and Deego with them heading towards the sea of Cantana and where they believed a scholar who may be able to assist with the translation of the remainder of the scroll may be found.
After several generally uneventful days of travelling south and a change in ship in Jebi Ker the party arrive by ship in the Confederation of the Sarn Kush colony of Toshinza. After some strange cargo and passengers were loaded onto the ship, The Dolphin, on the first day of the new year, 1st of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766 they continued south further into the sea of Cantana.
Unfortunately four days later on 5th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, after several days of seeing less and less people aboard the ship, the party awoke to an eerie silence. On further investigation they discovered two loathsome, blue eyed and fanged women feasting on several of the passengers.
After a fight for their lives to seek daylight, which the blue eyed demons seemed to shun, and a short but sharp altercation with several hire swords over the possession of the available lifeboats, the party abandoned ship.
Sangar enthusiastically launched several volleys of flaming arrows into the vessel and the oil the party had set before they left the ship caught fire and within a short time all that remained of The Dolphin was smoking, steaming flotsam and jet some.
Adrift in the open Cantana Sea the party along with Gont, a small boy ….. TF__85_.jpg …… who the party assisted in escaping the ship with, floated for several days. After enduring terrible thirst, sharks and a massive storm, bedraggled, hungry and very thirsty the party sighted land, which turned out to be an island, and made landfall on 11th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter).
Again the party’s luck proved ill and within a day of landing on the island the group were attacked by large numbers of short, white furred, primitive creatures.
Thanks in large part to Torlin’s ability to put enemies into an enchanted sleep and Sangar’s fighting ability the party were not completely overrun, despite being badly outnumbered. However Mithan fell in the battle, extremely badly injured, and others in the party were injured and it appeared to be only the hideous bellows of a nearby, but unseen and much larger sounding creature, which put the white furred creatures to flight.
After several more harrowing days on the island, including the tragic death of the child Gont at the hands of more of the white furred creatures on 18th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, the group managed to reach a lighthouse and garrison fort manned by Confederation of the San Kush troops.
The garrison treated the party with respect and kindness, feeding them and tending to their injuries and after a short boat ride back to Nargato, a larger city in the Confederation of the Sarn Kush colony of Toshinza, they were hosted by the local Confederation of the San Kush Governor.
This kindness and hospitably was afforded to the party due to the letter of thanks that they carried from the parents of the child killed by the madman Caine the Penultimate.



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