.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode VIII

"Dervishes, Tryvern and a very big library"

After a stay of four nights at the governor’s palace the group then took ship to the nearby free city of Jebi Retana, a journey which only lasted a number of hours. That evening, 25th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter), the party witnessed a bizarre, hypnotic and enchanted dance performed by the all female El Tŵomar sect, the Followers of the Veil …..

…. and then became in a short but vicious barroom brawl later that evening.
After a day of restocking provisions and equipment the group then set sail for the five day journey to the free city of Tryvern.


Arriving in Tryvern in the morning of 31 of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, the party found lodgings in a massive inn by the name of the Bronze Mace, in the well heeled/wealthy district of High Ground,………. ______________________________2560x1600__1_.jpg
…….. as well as maintaining a second room at the Seahorse, 47006_151330488369806_743856361_n.jpg near the docks in the much more rundown district of Bosum Strand.
Later that afternoon Torlin, Deego and Mithan visit the famed Archives of Keth intent on discovering more about the scroll and ideally finding someone who can speak Acân. Sangar, Corvus and Solomon go to the pub.


After a number of hours of searching, while not having any success on locating someone who can translate the Acân, Torlin does managed to locate the “Vasti Sea” which is mentioned in the forward of the scroll written by Saccuss of Herminda. This appears to be ancient and no longer used name for the Circle Sea, one of the massive bodies of water between Western Duranaki and Kaybin.

Over the next two days a number of key events take place. These include firstly learning that there are, or rather were, three great Acân scholars in the Free City of Tryvern.
These three include;

Lady Cecelia Sophie Mathis, the daughter of former Thrain knight, Sir Marton Mathis (deceased). Lady Cecelia is young (50 or so), extremely intelligent and goes only to the best parties/associates with best and brightest of the city.
Enos Doman, a reclusive scholar, has gone insane recently and has been imprisoned in the main central district madhouse and there have been many attempts via various forms of magic to cure him with nothing seems to be working. The only potential cure for his madness involves a particular herb from Ala-meng, The Green Fester swamp in the south west of the Sea of Cantana.
Wilard Jarvis, a scholar at the Archives of Keth, went two weeks ago to visit his aging mother in Caford , a small village about 4 hours walk to the east of Tryvern, and hasn’t been seen since. Both his family and the Archives of Keth have posted a reward at the Golden Ball.

The party elect to attempt to locate Wilard Jarvis, the missing scholar and all of the party over a couple of days join the Golden Ball as a step towards so achieving this. The Golden Ball (headquartered in Macedonia) on a franchise model hires out willing specialist skilled people and mercenaries to clients who want certain, often unusual, work undertaken such as exploration, adventuring, guarding assignments.

Also during this Torlin, by facing his inner demons, was tested by the powerful Lords of Essence and along with being deemed worthy enough and paying the hefty fee is given access to some of the inner sanctums of the Archives of Keth, which hold some of its magical tomes.
On the 3rd of Birth/Bereth (2st month/Spring) 1766, the party undertake their test, as a group, in the Golden Ball testing arena to determine their rank (Silver or Bronze) within the Golden Ball system. In front of baying and sizable crowd and armed with wooden/non lethal weapons the party managed to win a win the ball game trail against a similarly matched opposing novice Golden Ball thanks to some good fortune and some good shooting from Sangar.
On the victory dais, with the crowd roaring its approval, the party were invited to choose the name it would be known by for its work with the Golden Ball …. and after a pause the group responded with “Bold-Stahl” (Balls of Steel). After the trail the newly named Bold-Stahl were assigned, as one of two Golden Ball groups, the task of attempting to locate the missing scholar, Wilard Jarvis.

Over the next two days the, newly named, Bold-Stahl continue their investigation of Wilard Jarvis. Also over this time Mithan undertakes some investigation of her own into some of the secrets of “Brother Tracker” ………………………………………
and Deego busies himself with continue to scourge the Archives of Keth for more clues into the location of the Master of Yelfon’s Great Library.
Through some accomplished investigative skills, on 6th of Birth/Bereth (2st month/Spring) 1766, the party managed to trace the missing scholar, Wilard Jarvis to an abandoned salt fish processing factory at Dack Beach.
A short and brutal combat took place, resulting in Solomon being shot and losing a lot of blood, and sustaining an medium injury, but ultimately the Bold-Stahl triumph resulting in the freeing of Wilard Jarvis, the capture of two of his kidnappers and the death of a third.



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