A man with both elven and Arab blood ... was most likely attractive but now has a recently badly broken nose and scarred face


Corvus, a man with both elven and Arab blood, also claims to be a merchant, from the free city of Jebi Ganis, also in the Landerveft Straight, specializing in healing herbs. Standing at 6’2", of average build and with black eyes and hair, aged about mid twenties Corvus would be significantly better looking than his very average looks if it wasn’t for his very badly broken nose and several prominent scars on his face.


The most charming and socially inclined of the party (though perhaps that is not saying much) Corvus often finds himself playing the role of the group’s spokesman/diplomat/negotiator/number one liar. Corvus and Solomon appear to have formed a particularly close bond, perhaps because they say they are from the same area, or perhaps based on the friendship forged in the desperate days facing the horrors in the rubble of Shebibi.
Corvus’s choice of weapon combination is usually a scimitar with a shield and he wears at times battered, leather coat covering his arms and to mid thigh for protection.


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