Massive woman of High Man origins ...


While considered by some in the group to be a “pretty flamingo” this is perhaps being somewhat generous towards Mithan. Indeed even the most charitable of people would struggle to call the massive 6’9", though averagely built for her size, woman anything other than “homely”.


Mithan, of High Man stock, and from the northman Kingdom of Turon colony Damaralan is not in any way beautiful. Or Graceful. Or socially aware. Or tactful.
Nor however does she care.
Mithan is her own woman and when it occasionally occurs to her that other people may in fact have feelings, such thoughts typically do not linger long in her mind. Mithan is skilled at operating in the wildness and appears to having some ability in healing enchantments. She protects herself, as Corvus does, from physical harm by wearing a sturdy leather coat to mid thigh. While Mithan can adequately handle the broadsword at her side, she is typically more inclined to reach for her composite bow in times of trouble, with which she is very good shot.


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