Badly burnt and disfigured Half Elf of Easterling stock ... with a very big sword


Standing 6’ 4" and of a slender build Sangar is nevertheless an imposing, almost horrifying figure. His elven facial features, crossed with one of the easterling human races, have been hideously scarred and twisted by fire and his lank, patchy black hair does little to disguise the trauma that his whole head, and perhaps more of his body, have suffered by flame.


Uncouth, ill mannered and a generally bloodthirsty demeanor belie the harsh and brutal world that Sangar grew up in. While he doesn’t talk much about his background the name “Newen Zog” has been mentioned a few times by the half elf. Few in the group understand exactly where the Newen Zog is though there are frequent references to bandits and cutthroats whenever that place is mentioned.
Sangar’s approach to life is generally about as subtle as a “violent smash around the head with a large heavy object”, which also happens to be, by coincidence, pretty much Sangar’s approach to engaging with most other sentient beings. While others may consider going around, over or under a particular obstacles Sangar will typically go through it. Often with a great deal of bloodshed involved. Perhaps therefore, Sangar is sometimes a poor sleeper and will wake sometimes, screaming, from the most horrific of nightmares.
Sangar is never willingly without his extremely large two-handed sword, which he appears to have a very strong attachment towards and will sometimes be observed stroking it and almost whispering to it. The weapon appears to have some form of extremely potent enchantment. Indeed, at certain times others in the group have witnessed a blinding beam of white light, several feet in length, flash out from the tip of the blade for a number of seconds, sometimes longer, and can cleave anything or anyone in two, generally resulting in a very large mess. Sanger habitually wears a chain mail shirt covering to mid thigh and mid arms and both arm and leg greaves and carries a composite bow.


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