A mixed man with Arab blood, good looking in a chunky, beardy, steal-your-purse-and-stab-you-in-the-back-twice-kinda way


A mixed man with Arab blood who claims to be from Free City Island of Jebi Dispari, in Landerveft Straight. Solomon stands 5’10", is of heavy build , good looking, apparently aged in his early forties and has salt and pepper hair. Claims that his father is “in commerce” and that he also is interested “in business”.


He carries a bandolier of throwing knives and fights with a short sword and dagger in either hand, being ambidextrous. He also has apparent magical abilities, particularly in the areas of subterfuge and beguile.
Solomon as a rule would not be described as being particularly brave and stabbing a foe (repeatedly) in the back is his favorite style of attack.
He also pursues a keen interest in looting, either those who have fallen in battle, or indeed anything not firmly nailed down.


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