A grumpy, ugly Northman ...


Grumpy and not exactly attractive, Torlin, a northman, is an imposing figure standing 6’6" and of a stocky build. A shock of blonde hair and grey eyes and a naturally pale complexion, though the harsh southern sun has recently tanned him, reinforces the Torlin’s northern heritage.


Torlin has mentioned in passing that his father was in the “brewing business” and that Torlin himself is a keen seeker of knowledge and hidden wisdom. He appears to have some decent grasp on a number of different incantations and sorcerous arts, seeming to have particular skill in putting foes into an enchanted sleep.
While gruff and very quick to anger are Torlin’s default approaches to dealing with the world, particularly in relation to those who attempt to waylay, deceive or demand that Torlin and his friends “Put down your weapons!!”, Torlin has also has proved himself to be typically more kind hearted and less mercenary than his companions on a number of occasions. While he does tend to rely more on his magical abilities to defend himself when pressed Torlin will resort to using his broadsword (“Northern Steel!!”) and a wooden shield.


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