.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode VIII
"Dervishes, Tryvern and a very big library"

After a stay of four nights at the governor’s palace the group then took ship to the nearby free city of Jebi Retana, a journey which only lasted a number of hours. That evening, 25th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter), the party witnessed a bizarre, hypnotic and enchanted dance performed by the all female El Tŵomar sect, the Followers of the Veil …..

…. and then became in a short but vicious barroom brawl later that evening.
After a day of restocking provisions and equipment the group then set sail for the five day journey to the free city of Tryvern.


Arriving in Tryvern in the morning of 31 of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, the party found lodgings in a massive inn by the name of the Bronze Mace, in the well heeled/wealthy district of High Ground,………. ______________________________2560x1600__1_.jpg
…….. as well as maintaining a second room at the Seahorse, 47006_151330488369806_743856361_n.jpg near the docks in the much more rundown district of Bosum Strand.
Later that afternoon Torlin, Deego and Mithan visit the famed Archives of Keth intent on discovering more about the scroll and ideally finding someone who can speak Acân. Sangar, Corvus and Solomon go to the pub.


After a number of hours of searching, while not having any success on locating someone who can translate the Acân, Torlin does managed to locate the “Vasti Sea” which is mentioned in the forward of the scroll written by Saccuss of Herminda. This appears to be ancient and no longer used name for the Circle Sea, one of the massive bodies of water between Western Duranaki and Kaybin.

Over the next two days a number of key events take place. These include firstly learning that there are, or rather were, three great Acân scholars in the Free City of Tryvern.
These three include;

Lady Cecelia Sophie Mathis, the daughter of former Thrain knight, Sir Marton Mathis (deceased). Lady Cecelia is young (50 or so), extremely intelligent and goes only to the best parties/associates with best and brightest of the city.
Enos Doman, a reclusive scholar, has gone insane recently and has been imprisoned in the main central district madhouse and there have been many attempts via various forms of magic to cure him with nothing seems to be working. The only potential cure for his madness involves a particular herb from Ala-meng, The Green Fester swamp in the south west of the Sea of Cantana.
Wilard Jarvis, a scholar at the Archives of Keth, went two weeks ago to visit his aging mother in Caford , a small village about 4 hours walk to the east of Tryvern, and hasn’t been seen since. Both his family and the Archives of Keth have posted a reward at the Golden Ball.

The party elect to attempt to locate Wilard Jarvis, the missing scholar and all of the party over a couple of days join the Golden Ball as a step towards so achieving this. The Golden Ball (headquartered in Macedonia) on a franchise model hires out willing specialist skilled people and mercenaries to clients who want certain, often unusual, work undertaken such as exploration, adventuring, guarding assignments.

Also during this Torlin, by facing his inner demons, was tested by the powerful Lords of Essence and along with being deemed worthy enough and paying the hefty fee is given access to some of the inner sanctums of the Archives of Keth, which hold some of its magical tomes.
On the 3rd of Birth/Bereth (2st month/Spring) 1766, the party undertake their test, as a group, in the Golden Ball testing arena to determine their rank (Silver or Bronze) within the Golden Ball system. In front of baying and sizable crowd and armed with wooden/non lethal weapons the party managed to win a win the ball game trail against a similarly matched opposing novice Golden Ball thanks to some good fortune and some good shooting from Sangar.
On the victory dais, with the crowd roaring its approval, the party were invited to choose the name it would be known by for its work with the Golden Ball …. and after a pause the group responded with “Bold-Stahl” (Balls of Steel). After the trail the newly named Bold-Stahl were assigned, as one of two Golden Ball groups, the task of attempting to locate the missing scholar, Wilard Jarvis.

Over the next two days the, newly named, Bold-Stahl continue their investigation of Wilard Jarvis. Also over this time Mithan undertakes some investigation of her own into some of the secrets of “Brother Tracker” ………………………………………
and Deego busies himself with continue to scourge the Archives of Keth for more clues into the location of the Master of Yelfon’s Great Library.
Through some accomplished investigative skills, on 6th of Birth/Bereth (2st month/Spring) 1766, the party managed to trace the missing scholar, Wilard Jarvis to an abandoned salt fish processing factory at Dack Beach.
A short and brutal combat took place, resulting in Solomon being shot and losing a lot of blood, and sustaining an medium injury, but ultimately the Bold-Stahl triumph resulting in the freeing of Wilard Jarvis, the capture of two of his kidnappers and the death of a third.

Episode VII
"Blue eyed devils & lost at sea"

Fortunately through the skills of the lawyer Able Thornton Corvus, Sangar and Solomon are released from prison. The next day 21th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 the party meet Mithan who elects to join the group.
Following an attack on the inn, the Wise Giant, that evening that the party was staying at the group decided to leave Lankhmar the next day on 22nd of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 taking both Mithan and Deego with them heading towards the sea of Cantana and where they believed a scholar who may be able to assist with the translation of the remainder of the scroll may be found.
After several generally uneventful days of travelling south and a change in ship in Jebi Ker the party arrive by ship in the Confederation of the Sarn Kush colony of Toshinza. After some strange cargo and passengers were loaded onto the ship, The Dolphin, on the first day of the new year, 1st of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766 they continued south further into the sea of Cantana.
Unfortunately four days later on 5th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, after several days of seeing less and less people aboard the ship, the party awoke to an eerie silence. On further investigation they discovered two loathsome, blue eyed and fanged women feasting on several of the passengers.
After a fight for their lives to seek daylight, which the blue eyed demons seemed to shun, and a short but sharp altercation with several hire swords over the possession of the available lifeboats, the party abandoned ship.
Sangar enthusiastically launched several volleys of flaming arrows into the vessel and the oil the party had set before they left the ship caught fire and within a short time all that remained of The Dolphin was smoking, steaming flotsam and jet some.
Adrift in the open Cantana Sea the party along with Gont, a small boy ….. TF__85_.jpg …… who the party assisted in escaping the ship with, floated for several days. After enduring terrible thirst, sharks and a massive storm, bedraggled, hungry and very thirsty the party sighted land, which turned out to be an island, and made landfall on 11th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter).
Again the party’s luck proved ill and within a day of landing on the island the group were attacked by large numbers of short, white furred, primitive creatures.
Thanks in large part to Torlin’s ability to put enemies into an enchanted sleep and Sangar’s fighting ability the party were not completely overrun, despite being badly outnumbered. However Mithan fell in the battle, extremely badly injured, and others in the party were injured and it appeared to be only the hideous bellows of a nearby, but unseen and much larger sounding creature, which put the white furred creatures to flight.
After several more harrowing days on the island, including the tragic death of the child Gont at the hands of more of the white furred creatures on 18th of New Year/Shumol (1st month/Winter) 1766, the group managed to reach a lighthouse and garrison fort manned by Confederation of the San Kush troops.
The garrison treated the party with respect and kindness, feeding them and tending to their injuries and after a short boat ride back to Nargato, a larger city in the Confederation of the Sarn Kush colony of Toshinza, they were hosted by the local Confederation of the San Kush Governor.
This kindness and hospitably was afforded to the party due to the letter of thanks that they carried from the parents of the child killed by the madman Caine the Penultimate.

Episode VI
"Out of Thamazul .... and into more trouble"

In the following looting of Tol Marbor the party not only gained significant riches but are also challenged by an incantation of a “blue guardian lady” but do not find the missing girl, Tee-ha.
After first meeting a rival gang of smugglers lead by Garth who arrived at Tol Marbor, the group then returned to Karfin on 10th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) to discover that sadly Ali Kimbra has succumbed to his injuries and died two days previously.
After several days and with the assistance of firstly the smuggler Garth and then the swamp hermit Durand the party managed to escape the borders of the Empire of Thamazul and arrived into the free city of Lankhmar on 15th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765.
Lankmar proved to be an extremely eventful location for the party. Not only did they meet the scholar Deego Spracket, who was able to translate the Lathbine script at the beginning of the scroll that Solomon is carrying(the foreword by Saccuss of Herminda), but they also managed to capture the magic user Caine the Penultimate who uses fell magic to cause a infant child to rapidly age and die, a horrific event which our hero’s witness.
The forward of the scroll, which was written back in the third age, talks of the catalogue being only one of likely many indexes of the ancient works that made up the “Master of Yelfon”’s Great Library.
The remainder of the scroll however remained a mystery as Deego informed the party that the text appears to be a version of the ancient dead language Acân. Deego also explained that there are several likely locations where a scholar who is able to translate the Acân or the location of a particular individual Acân scholar may be found.
According to Deego these located and people and the likely certainly of getting the documents translated included;

• A medium chance of finding what they sought in the ancient dwarvish city Zarcree, in the Kingdom of Nain a Dam (the desert Dwarves) in south western Cantana
• without doubt a scholar would be found in the great library of El Vanitar, the capital of the Empire of Thamazul who could undertake the task
• Athrandack, the great Roldenic Scholar currently in the library of Moldovia in Northern Tolmides would certainly be able to translatep.
• a likely chance in one of the mighty repository’s of lore in the holy state of Sestos, Roldenic Church lands in northern Nomikosp.
• The Great library of Lysanda may have scholar who is capable
• Mathata, the famed elven scholar in new Bexley, a Thracian colony in Northern Messinina would most likely be able to translate it
• a moderate chance that someone can be found to help in the Achieves of Keth in free city of Tryvern, in the eastern Cantana Sea

The party, after some consideration agreed that options which were deemed the safest and the closest were of which include two nations in the Sea of Canata, to the south east of Lankmar. It was agreed that the party would try for Tryvern first and then attempt to gain entry into the Kingdom of Nain a Dam, the somewhat reclusive and secretive kingdom of the desert Dwarves should Tryvern not prove fruitful.

Several days later, after the capture of Caine the Penultimate for the magical slaying of a Confederation of the San Kush child, on 17th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765, Corvus, Solmon and Sanger elected to visit the Tushan temple to meet a so called “friend” who sent the party an invitation letter.
Torlin, sensing the potential for foul play decided to remain at the inn, The Wise Giant. The invitation turned out to be a trap by mercenaries who are seeking to claim the bounty on the party’s head.
This ambush in the temple resulted in bloodshed and four hires swords were slain by Corvus, Sangar and Solomon, who was particularly delighted to get some excellent backstabbing opportunities over the course of the melee.

Episode V
"A head in a jar & the battle of Tol Marbor"

Later that day deep in the filth and mire of the swamps the group meet first with Mutty, a deranged swamp Arab who then takes them to the hamlet of Karfin, built into the branches and trunk of a massive tree.
In Karfin the group meets Melor Ali, an intimidating and beautiful woman who is the leader of the community and keeps her unfaithful, ex lover’s head in a jar.
Melor Ali welcomes the party to Karfin and asks for their assistance.
They are informed that two days ago Melor Ali’s 16 year old daughter Tee-ha was apparently kidnapped by the smugglers of Tol Marbor. In return for assistance to leave Thamazul and to heal the now extremely sick Ali Kimbra will the party assist in securing Tee-ha’s release?
The group are informed that in the past generally there has been an uneasy but stable truce between the hamlet of Karfin the smugglers but recently with the smugglers being controlled by a new half orc-ish leader things have become more aggressive and now violent.
The group agree and after a day of rest and leaving Ali Kimbra in the care of Melor Ali they set out on 5th of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765 to assault the smugglers lair accompanied by 6 Marsh Arabs lead by Old Kreebin (aka “the General”).
The assault did not go according to plan with Sangar setting off an ensnarement in the approach to the ruined keep of Tol Marbor and as a result the guards were alerted to the attack.
The following fight is brutal and resulted in the death of nine smugglers, one of the Marsh Arabs, Solomon and Sangar being knocked unconscious and nearly killed due to traps at the entrance to the keep and Corvus with a badly injured arm.
In the end Torlin, by himself stormed the ruined fortress of Tor Marbor, not realising how lucky he was not to be slain by several of the surviving smugglers who elected to abandon their base after their half orc leader was cut in half by Sangar.

Episode IV
"A city burns and into the swamp"

NP__17_.jpgAfter a very tense confrontation with the villagers in Keda, the group return to Ithli, with the young woman, Maglen, and her father on the 18th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765. Very promptly, lead by Hangar Maglen is given what appears to be a hastily arranged sham trial and is summarily executed, torn apart by four horses. Maglen’s father believes that Solomon is to blame for his daughter’s death.
Returning to the Red Sunset, at dusk the same day, in disgust at what they have just witnessed, the group is set upon by a group of mercenaries who attempt to disarm the party and take them as their prisoners. The group refused to comply and a melee ensues which resulted in the city watch being called.
At the end of an extremely bloody fight eight mercenaries and twelve soldiers were slain, Solomon is separated from his companions and Sangar torches Ithli (much to his sick amusement).
A week later on 25th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765 after several adventures in the semi wilds of the massive escarpment north west of Ithli,Arnhem-escarpment.jpg Sangar being badly injured by a beast and another near fatal run it with giant birds on a cliff edge, Sangar, Torlin and Corvus are reunited with Solomon, who has had his own share of adventures.
After a short but nasty fight with several horse men and an astrologer Priest2.jpgfrom the Thamazul army in the cabbage fields to the south of Ithli, the party manage to reach the small village of Yon, and met Ali Kimbra an associate of Corvus who appears to have been sent to assist Corvus reach safety.
After several days of rest in Yon and the required travel documents are forged by Ali Kimbra the party leave Yon attempting make it to the port city of Ebin and escape from Thamazul. Yet again however the travellers run afoul of a group of hire-swords and in the fight that takes place Ali Kimbra is badly maimed.
Fleeing large numbers of Thamazul soldiers who have picked up their trail, with a badly injured Ali Kimbra, the party enter the Ebin swamps on 3rd of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765.

Episode III
"Savage beatings & to find a witch"

These beings, after first slowly descending to earth and moving forward towards the three companions, revealed themselves to be three elves, dressed in neutral grey tunics and hose and 6 mail-clad armed men.

The elves then proceeded to accuse the travellers of theft of a certain item from one of their own killed in the earthquake in Shebibi. When, led by Solomon, the party made it plain that they would not oblige the request to return any property a short, brutal combat ensued resulting in Solomon, Corvus and Torlin being rendered unconscious and left for dead.
Luck was on their side however as they awoke a number of days later in a village in the care of a wise woman who had tendered their injuries.
After some days of recuperation following the savage fight beating by the elves and their retainers, the group continued south to Ithli, forced out of the village by the locals who appear to believe the party were diseased and currying an unconscious Torlin, who had a major mishap attempting to learn the secrets of a magic ring he had found in the Kardini’s lair.
Again however their luck proved ill and shortly after being passed on horseback by a badly burnt and scarred half-elf, Sangar who joined the party at this point, they were beset by a number of extremely, large and very aggressive savage birds. This took place on 13th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765.
After another near death extremely brutal fight resulting in both Solomon and Sangar joining Torlin in unconsciousness and the day only just being saved by Corvus, the party after some rest continue to Ithli, and arrive there on the 15th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765. They return without the eyes that Greder asked them to collect however, these rotting and turning putrid some days before.
After a two days of rest at the Red Sunset Inn, the group is approached on the street by a captain of the city guard, Hangar, who seeks the party’s help. Hangar explains that a young woman, in the nearby village of Keda, has been accused of being a witch and the village is in a state of near riot.
Normally Thamazul soldiers would be sent to resolve the situation, but, as with the incursion of Kardini, due to the massive demand for troops needed to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake to the south the authorities do not have the man power.
The four companions agree to assist Hangar and set off that day for the village of Keda, one days walk to the north east of Ithli.

Episode II
"Fresh eyes!!!"

Torlin, Corvus and Solomon escape the inn before flames consumed it and as they watch the inn burn to the ground Torlin was invited to join Corvus and Solomon on their journey.
The next day, on 30th of Harvest/Nular (10th Month/Autumn) 1765, the three companions arrive in the crossroads city of Ithli.
There a seemly-deranged elderly Arab by the name of Greder approaches them. This man offers to heal Solomon’s broken wrist (injured in a fall while crossing the rubble of the broken city) and a bounty for “fresh eyes”. Greder claimed to need the eyes of some fell underground creatures for certain “investigations” he was undertaking … “all in the name of understanding more about the gods great master plan”…
Several of these, short by Greder’s description, nasty creatures had recently come down from the mountains and there were rumours of this tribe causing minor frustrations to the village of El Kibin to the north of Ithli. A golden cup, found in the ruins of Shebibi, was left as a bond for the additional money required to repay Greder for Solomon’s healing should the group not return from their task.
Kardini was the name that Greder informed Solomon, Corvus and Torlin that these things were called. The group elected to accomplish this task for the strange Arab gentleman and set off that very afternoon. A couple of days later and after an altercation between Torlin and one of the elderly residence, an old soldier with a dislike of Northmen, in the village of El Kibin the group ventured into the semi wild hill and canyon country and soon found they were totally lost after a short time.
After several days of wandering in the rugged hills and canyons and suffering firstly an attack on their camp by short, hideous humanoid beings and then a vicious fight underground, Solomon, Corvus and Torlin emerged victorious and in possession of “fresh eyes” from the foothills.
There was some concern about the health of the creatures that the three companions had just slain however as their bodies appeared to be covered in weeping sores.
Unfortunately their triumphant journey back to Ithli did not go well. After a day or so on the road, carrying the blood stained sack with their optical trophies, the three travellers witnessed a “door”, 6’ by 12’ appeared approximately 6" off the ground. This was a brilliant sapphire blue. The door slams shut vertically followed by a violent flash of light and out stepped a number of horsemen appeared hovering about four foot off the ground.

Episode I
"Survival in the rubble ... "

The game started with Solomon experiencing the horror of a massive earthquake which rocked the southern city of Shebibi in the Empire of Thamazul on the 19th of Harvest/Nular (10th Month/Autumn) 1765).
Waking in the rubble a badly traumatized Solomon manages to survive on his own for two days and night amongst the ruins of a city decimated by a massive natural disaster and where all apparent semblance of law and order has vanished.
On 21 of Harvest/Nular Solomon meets Corvus.
The next day Solomon takes a tumble and finds himself in a smashed room with several corpses inside, clearly victims of the earthquake. On the bodies, Solomon finds both an ancient looking scroll, six black stones amongst other things. After a number of grueling trails and a great many near death experiences and a broken wrist for Solomon, both of them manage to escape both the ruins of the city, along with many other refugees, and made their way north deeper into southern Thamazul.
In the evening of 29th of Harvest/Nular (10th Month/Autumn) 1765, after some three day of travel, Solomon and Corvus sought lodging in a large roadside inn. During the night they were awoken to screams and discovered that some form of skullduggery was taking place.
A group of armed men appeared to be attempting to murder another traveler in a room down the hall from where our heroes were staying and Corvus and Solomon are attacked and unwillingly pulled into the fray as they investigate the noise. Torlin was also staying on the same floor of the inn and he too was attacked by the would be assassins. A lantern was then dropped during the melee and the inn caught fire.


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