The game began on the 17th of Harvest in 1765 when Solomon Mushtak Pumak, a Montebanc or magical conman, arrives in the Southern Empire of Thamazul city of Shebibi.

The story that unfolds tells how Solomon survives the catastrophic earthquake which hits Shebibi soon after his arrival …. how he ….aherm ….. “finds” certain items in the ruins of the city and the events that follow about the ownership and nature of those items .. when end up bedeviling Solomon and the travelling companions he meets on the road.

What is the true nature of six flat stones that provide certain viewers tantalizing images of a ruined library … and an ancient scroll, some form of index of forgotten works or lore and literature?

And can Solomon and his companions live long enough to find out …. ??? Trouble has a habit of following.

.... Divided we Fall ....