.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode II

"Fresh eyes!!!"

Torlin, Corvus and Solomon escape the inn before flames consumed it and as they watch the inn burn to the ground Torlin was invited to join Corvus and Solomon on their journey.
The next day, on 30th of Harvest/Nular (10th Month/Autumn) 1765, the three companions arrive in the crossroads city of Ithli.
There a seemly-deranged elderly Arab by the name of Greder approaches them. This man offers to heal Solomon’s broken wrist (injured in a fall while crossing the rubble of the broken city) and a bounty for “fresh eyes”. Greder claimed to need the eyes of some fell underground creatures for certain “investigations” he was undertaking … “all in the name of understanding more about the gods great master plan”…
Several of these, short by Greder’s description, nasty creatures had recently come down from the mountains and there were rumours of this tribe causing minor frustrations to the village of El Kibin to the north of Ithli. A golden cup, found in the ruins of Shebibi, was left as a bond for the additional money required to repay Greder for Solomon’s healing should the group not return from their task.
Kardini was the name that Greder informed Solomon, Corvus and Torlin that these things were called. The group elected to accomplish this task for the strange Arab gentleman and set off that very afternoon. A couple of days later and after an altercation between Torlin and one of the elderly residence, an old soldier with a dislike of Northmen, in the village of El Kibin the group ventured into the semi wild hill and canyon country and soon found they were totally lost after a short time.
After several days of wandering in the rugged hills and canyons and suffering firstly an attack on their camp by short, hideous humanoid beings and then a vicious fight underground, Solomon, Corvus and Torlin emerged victorious and in possession of “fresh eyes” from the foothills.
There was some concern about the health of the creatures that the three companions had just slain however as their bodies appeared to be covered in weeping sores.
Unfortunately their triumphant journey back to Ithli did not go well. After a day or so on the road, carrying the blood stained sack with their optical trophies, the three travellers witnessed a “door”, 6’ by 12’ appeared approximately 6" off the ground. This was a brilliant sapphire blue. The door slams shut vertically followed by a violent flash of light and out stepped a number of horsemen appeared hovering about four foot off the ground.



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