.... Divided we Fall ....

Episode IV

"A city burns and into the swamp"

NP__17_.jpgAfter a very tense confrontation with the villagers in Keda, the group return to Ithli, with the young woman, Maglen, and her father on the 18th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765. Very promptly, lead by Hangar Maglen is given what appears to be a hastily arranged sham trial and is summarily executed, torn apart by four horses. Maglen’s father believes that Solomon is to blame for his daughter’s death.
Returning to the Red Sunset, at dusk the same day, in disgust at what they have just witnessed, the group is set upon by a group of mercenaries who attempt to disarm the party and take them as their prisoners. The group refused to comply and a melee ensues which resulted in the city watch being called.
At the end of an extremely bloody fight eight mercenaries and twelve soldiers were slain, Solomon is separated from his companions and Sangar torches Ithli (much to his sick amusement).
A week later on 25th of Moons/Bambakh (11th month/Winter) 1765 after several adventures in the semi wilds of the massive escarpment north west of Ithli,Arnhem-escarpment.jpg Sangar being badly injured by a beast and another near fatal run it with giant birds on a cliff edge, Sangar, Torlin and Corvus are reunited with Solomon, who has had his own share of adventures.
After a short but nasty fight with several horse men and an astrologer Priest2.jpgfrom the Thamazul army in the cabbage fields to the south of Ithli, the party manage to reach the small village of Yon, and met Ali Kimbra an associate of Corvus who appears to have been sent to assist Corvus reach safety.
After several days of rest in Yon and the required travel documents are forged by Ali Kimbra the party leave Yon attempting make it to the port city of Ebin and escape from Thamazul. Yet again however the travellers run afoul of a group of hire-swords and in the fight that takes place Ali Kimbra is badly maimed.
Fleeing large numbers of Thamazul soldiers who have picked up their trail, with a badly injured Ali Kimbra, the party enter the Ebin swamps on 3rd of Yearsend/Shel (12th month/Winter) 1765.



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